AKA: I’m not a suspect in Anele Tembe’s death.

AKA: I’m not a suspect in Anele Tembe’s death.

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Not even a month has passed after the funeral of SA rapper’s girlfriend who committed suicide, there are shocking Videos about the type of life this couple was living that are revealed.

AKA has issued a press release regarding the videos that shows Nelli Tembe (22) crying for her mother. On his statement, AKA stated that he won’t revealed the issues that they had in their relationship as a few after the suspicions that he was abusive towards her.

‘I am not proud of the very fact that I even have to talk out about my relationship problems with Anele. What disappoints the foremost is that each one the people we loved and trusted with our issues are now’s using that as a weapon to attack at me.’ stated AKA


He mentioned that he’s not a suspect on this case but he’s working with the police as a witness. AKA agreed on his statement that a bit like the other couple they also had issues but not very serious issues in such away that news has reported. AKA mentioned that one among the explanations that made people spread these suspicions is because they’re famous.

He said he already know the sources that are spreading these suspicions which he can assure that he really loved Nelli, that’s why he has organised to travel for counseling after the death of his girlfriend.

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