AKA is out of the dating game!

AKA is out of the dating game!

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It’s official AKA is out of the chemical analysis game! This man simply respects African culture, in contrast to his fellow rappers WHO area unit busy with vat n sit. First, he followed Zulu customs and paid damages for impregnating his baby mama DJ Zinhle simply 2 months once she gave birth.

And currently he has paid full lobola for Nelli Tembe. As SurgeZirc reserves rumored a couple of weeks agone that the rapper is ready to pay lobola. Well, the large day arrived and it had been these days. The Run Jozi hitmaker was escorted to Durban by his family.2 279

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They all over the lobola negotiations with success and therefore the rapper was beaming proudly. With joy written everywhere his face, the star took to Instagram to announce that he didn’t fail his promise. He denote pics of men that attended and additionally denote pics of the women that were gift from his bride aspect.


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