AKA is wilding out!  Bonang Is A Goddess


AKA is wilding out!  Bonang Is A Goddess

AKA is wilding out!  Bonang Is A Goddess

Otherwise known as has been moving in the wake of attempting to get Cassper to battle him in a fight. Like any rap hamburger nothing is untouchable on the grounds that before the finish of it AKA had hauled Cassper’s music, his folks and the size of his gear down there.

He even boasted that he had Mzansi’s greatest female celebs battling about him. We are expecting he is discussing Bonang and his infant mother DJ Zinhle. It wasn’t some time before Tweeps began concealing him for being youthful. A couple even addressed how Bonang ever dated him. AKA is wilding out!  Bonang Is A Goddess

However, the B Force rushed to determine that wreck. We are here for the amnesia!

A tweep brought up that AKA was utilizing Bonang for clout in the wake of calling her a witch when they separated.

He answered that he had the benefit, that a large portion of us just dream of, to be with and inhale a similar air as Bonang.

What got Twitter moving was him calling Bonang a Goddess after he hauled her for rottenness over those ROCKS when they headed out in different directions. Perhaps he is searching for adoration back after his ongoing separation with Dj Zinhle.

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Obviously Twitter quickly cooked him and let him realize that Bonang “AKAsak’funi”. Simply a week ago he was encouraging his fans to begin dating long term olds after he flaunted his most recent bae Nellie Tembe. Could things have turned sour unexpectedly early or would he say he is gauging his choices?

Perhaps we will wake up to AKA saying he was hacked. He wouldn’t be the first celeb to go the hacked course to cover his tracks.