AKA says what happened with Anele Tembe is not anyone’s business


AKA says what happened with Anele Tembe is not anyone’s business

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It seems like rapper Kiernan Forbes is not about to clarify the rumors going on about the death of his fiancé Anele Tembe.

The rapper had a sit-down interview with 947’s Thando Thabethe to talk about his return to music and collaboration album with Costa Titch. All was going well until the big question came. Thando said she feels he did not reveal all the details on the interview AKA had with Thembekile Mrototo earlier this year. AKA rudely responded stating that he doesn’t owe anyone an explanation about what happens in his private life. He went on to say it is none of people’s business and that people should stay away from it. The interview took a turn and things began to be awkward in the room. Thando kept on insisting that he tells more about his story but the rapper didn’t want to hear any of it. There was strong evidence that AKA was abusive towards Anele and their relationship was allegedly driven by substance abuse. The public is not wrong for demanding answers from Kiernan after seeing what was happening during the relationship and the Tembe family deserve nothing but the truth. AKA continues to live his life and promoting his music while the family is still grieving the mysterious death of their beloved daughter.

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