AKA to Nadia Nakai: Vic Mensa still loves you

AKA to Nadia Nakai: Vic Mensa still loves you

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Nadia Nakai and her bae AKA had a light and fun second where AKA prodded her about ex Vic Mensa. This caught the consideration of a ton of their devotees who thought that it is entertaining and recoil simultaneously.

During the live, AKA and Nadia appear to be making the rounds partaking in some food, liquor, and some hookah.
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In a short clasp, AKA should be visible perusing out a remark from a supporter who got some information about her ex Vic Mensa.

The adherent inquired as to whether Vic actually cherishes Nadia, and despite the fact that Nadia attempted to overlook the inquiry, AKA asked her without holding back.

“Vic Mensa actually cherishes you,” said AKA who was then asked by Nadia for what reason did he bring up that explanation.
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Nadia’s hurl with the Chicago rapper finished suddenly however she made sense of all of that on the Netflix unscripted TV drama Young, Famous African. In a specific episode, Nadia implied that there could have been a third individual required while in a relationship with Vic.

The series was shot while Nadia was dating Vic yet Khanyi Mbau attempted to set her up with Tanzanian vocalist and cast part, Diamond Platnumz. The two nearly become friends however his child’s mother and individual cast mate Zari The Boss Lady, was as yet engaged with him.


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“Truly he is an astounding person, extremely sweet, exceptionally conscious and I regard all that he’s cultivated. In any case, I feel that he and I would be best as companions,” Nadia told The South African.
“We didn’t plan to become a couple, it just happened… I’ve witnessed how great he is as a father; of course, I’d love to have his babies one day.”

She even refrains from engaging on social media a lot, “For my mental health, I’ve decided to be less activate on social media, particularly Twitter… there’s a lot of hate and negativity there. But the person who has given me solace is Kiernan who’s been holding me through this whole experience,” she said.
She uncovered their separation on Lasizwe’s YouTube show Drink Or Tell The Truth, “Well we somewhat separated so it doesn’t make any difference, It’s fine, we separated.”

In a new meeting with SowetanLIVE, Nadia focused on AKA, “I’ve known Kiernan for quite a long time. He was aware each time I’d meet him. We never had private matters and clearly out of the regard for my mark chief, I would avoid mingling a lot with him,” she told the distribution.
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She even said she might want to have his infants, “There was certainly not a particular time that we let ourselves know we were an authority couple since we were very old buddies. We’d represent extended periods via telephone and offer such a huge amount in like manner.

“We didn’t want to turn into a couple, it simply worked out… I’ve seen how incredible he is as a dad; obviously, I’d very much want to have his children one day.”

She even ceases from connecting via virtual entertainment a ton, “For my emotional well-being, I’ve settled to be less initiative via online entertainment, especially Twitter… there’s a great deal of disdain and cynicism there. However, the individual who has given me comfort is Kiernan who’s been holding me through this entire experience,” she said.

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