AKA was robbed and hit in Malawi


AKA was robbed and hit in Malawi


Footage of AKA’s misfortune after he was mobbed and robbed has been doing the rounds on social media.
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Rapper AKA is fuming after he was robbed while on tour in Malawi over the weekend. The super mega was in Malawi at the Malawi University of Business and Applied Science’s social weekend in Blantyre as one of the main performers.

It is believed that during the climax of his performance, AKA decided to crowd surf. A decision he later regretted as an unidentified “fan” saw the opportunity to steal his shoes. AKA was forced to walk barefoot after his Nike Jordans were stripped off him during the crowd surfing drama.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that the musician also lost his wristwatch when he joined the crowd.

Kiernan was the international headliner at the event alongside Malawi’s South African-based audio producer cum musician Gemini Major.

Days before the event, AKA had been promoting the show on his social media handles and no one would have thought he was going to get robbed.

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