AKA will pay Cars worth R5M taxes to SARS


AKA will pay Cars worth R5M taxes to SARS

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AKA is a South African Rapper who has been on the music industry for too long. He has released so many hit songs including “Jikelele” which went platinum in just a month of being released. He has a child with DJ Zinhle who is currently dating one of the black motions guy (Murdahbongz).

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Today AKA woke up very exciting and decided to share the news with his fans. He bragged about having paid off his Tax where He showed his fans that he is not owing SARS anything at all. He said he was stressed Free after he paid R5M Tax . The tax is said to have been paid during the pandemic. Many people were impressed with him for paying off his debts but there are those who believes he didn’t do anything. According to his fans calculations, it means he made R11Million in 5 years .

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They went on to say that his peers are buying so much expensive cars with the money he just paid off his SARS Debts . Andile Mpisane was one of the boys they have given examples with . Also Cassper Nyovest has a very expensive car buy it was revealed that he was battling to pay up R131K worth of his SARS .this means owning expensive things doesn’t count to anything when comes to Paying SARS .

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