AKA’s girlfriend’s bonds with Kairo

AKA’s girlfriend’s bonds with Kairo

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Rapper AKA’s career is keeping him busy and on his feet constantly. From releasing his much anticipated EP Bhovamania to the newly introduced Cruz vodka Banana Deluxe flavor and his braai show making it’s thanks to our TV screens during a few, but his commitment to spending time together with his girlfriend Nelli Tembe are some things many applaud.

It is pretty evident that Bhova is smitten over his girlfriend Nelli and isn’t afraid to cover it.

She is even bonding with Kairo as see from this past weekend’s water pistol match with the three of them.

He posted a really cozy picture of the 2 of them out and about. within the caption, he quoted Nelli from his song Finessing which features in his EP. “Finessing, You ain’t LYIN’, you be ness in’” within the song he features his bae who sings the hook.

Speaking about the song he said he wanted to try to do something for the women. Dedicating it to the women, he wanted to form women appreciate their sassiness, and who better than feature his bae on the track. He did however reveal that Nelli has no desire of doing music.

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“I wanted a song that might also make women feel a sassiness, like, ‘Yeah!’ once more, there’s a very good groove, great writing on the hook, and great writing within the verses. I hardly work with people in studio but Nelli was there and albeit she has no visions to be any kind of artist in my world, I feel she absolutely killed it, and therefore the delivery was sick!” he said.

The two are serving goals any chance they get, giving hater palpitations, especially the naysayers who chant “It will end in tears.”

Just after he was through with his EP, AKA spoiled his bae in Cape Town and treated her to candle-lit dinner dates, Gucci bags, and good vibes.

AKA and Nelli posted a Tik Tok video and revealed who said those 3 magical words, ‘I love you.’

In the couple’s edition, the pair revealed that it had been Super Mega who initiated the primary kiss, sealing the effect of his new lady-love. They also shared that they’re at the ‘I love you’ stage of their relationship, despite rambling about who had stated the important three-word sentence first.

Nelli Tembe

AKA agreed with Nelli on most questions, sharing that despite being stubborn, Nelli is additionally the foremost patient one and is additionally the higher cook. Mega was happy to admit that he’s always the primary to mention sorry once they are in an argument, and was pleased with the very fact that he’s the foremost romantic.

Fans were also surprised to seek out out that AKA is taking the longest to urge ready every morning, and also happens to be a morning person.