AKA’s mass country album release to honor his legacy

AKA’s mass country album release to honor his legacy

Johannesburg, Thursday, 16th February 2023 – The Forbes family has confirmed the release of AKA’s long-awaited mass country album despite his tragic and untimely passing. The album, which is set to be released on the 24th of February, will be a tribute to the late rapper’s legacy.

According to the family, the decision to release the album was made to honor AKA’s hard work and dedication to the project. “In the last two years, mass country has become aka’s entire world. The Supa Mega constantly kept the album release momentum and anticipation high,” the family stated.

NIVO, the manager, and co-executive producer of mass country expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to work closely with AKA. He revealed that the late rapper had been heavily involved in every aspect of the project, from the music to the content creation.

The team behind the album, which includes Vth Season, The T Effect, and Sony Music Entertainment Africa, will manage the release of mass country. Sony Music Entertainment Africa’s Managing Director, Sean Watson, extended his condolences to AKA’s family and friends, describing the rapper as an icon and a beloved member of the Sony family.

AKA’s longtime friend, advisor, and business partner at Vth Season, Raphael Benza, expressed his delight in sharing the music AKA left behind for eternity. He also revealed that AKA’s next single release will be “Company,” featuring his longtime collaborator and friend, Kiddominant.

As the nation continues to mourn the loss of AKA, his family, friends, and the music industry will celebrate his life and legacy through his gift of music.

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