AKA’s Mom Comments on DJ Zinhle’s Instagram Love Post


AKA’s Mom Comments on DJ Zinhle’s Instagram Love Post

DJ Zinhle’s sexual love has been called into question once more after her latest Instagram post. The image shared on Tuesday, 19 May 2020 saw a bouquet of what seemed to be 100 long-stemmed red roses, placed perfectly during a vase.

The musician captioned it with one red heart, sparing no details on who the flowers were from. the straightforward picture caused pandemonium on social media, as DJ Zinhle’s ex-mom-in-law, Lynn Forbes, AKA’s mother, commented with an identical red heart.

It is no secret that Lynn has been the most important fan of her son and his baby mama getting back together, because it would create one big happy family for her granddaughter, Kairo.

However last she was seen sharing her stamp of approval on AKA’s alleged new girlfriend, perhaps indicating that she had come to terms with him moving on. This has subsequently caused fans to take a position that Lynn had been informed about DJ Zinhle’s latest romance, and is in support of that too. Nkulu Sbongele commented with, “When your ex’s mama comments on your pics of flowers from your new bae. 2020 ya’ll!”. Who does one think sent DJ Zinhle those flowers?