AKA’s mother congratulates DJ Zinhle on her new birth.

AKA’s mother congratulates DJ Zinhle on her new birth.


Lynn Forbes is AKA’s mother’s name. She is well-known as his most ardent supporter, who is constantly there for him. She is also known to adore AKA’s ex-girlfriend, DJ Zinhle, who is also AKA’s daughter. They have one of the best relationships in the world. Last year, AKA’s mother moved into DJ Zinhle’s home at some point, and this was while AKA was dating his late wife, Nelli.

At some point, people assumed that she had not accepted or welcomed Nelli, as she had not posted any of Nelli’s pictures. Even when AKA engaged or paid lobola, Lynn remained quiet and didn’t say or post anything.
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She is active on Instagram and also administers the Instagram page of her granddaughter, Kairo. Lynn took a hiatus from posting on both her and her granddaughter’s Instagram accounts when Nelli died. When AKA was in grief, she was incredibly supportive, and she would even release a message from AKA in which she thanked everyone who had reached out to her in an attempt to console her. She congratulates AKA on his victories and stands by him during his worst moments. She holds his hand in the way that moms are expected to do.

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DJ Zinhle has given birth to a baby girl, and AKA’s mother congratulated her and the father of her child through Instagram. AKA has not said any word regarding DJ Zinhle as expected, since they don’t publicly congratulate each other since their break up. One could only ask themselves how AKA feels when his mother has tagged the mother of his child, and her new baby daddy. Does he approve of this? Is he fine with it?

It is no secret that AKA’s mother loves DJ Zinhle so much, and the two of them have a wonderful relationship. Of all the people that AKA has dated, DJ Zinhle seems to be his mother’s favorite.