Amanda Black returns with a song with DJ LAG


Amanda Black returns with a song with DJ LAG

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She has been the lyrical goddess, and her smash hits attest to that. However, in recent years she has hogged headlines for several reasons.

However, despite all being said, it seems as if she is back with a bang after going awol on the musical stage. Her new hit song proves that she is the jewel of afro-pop, and she never ceases to amaze with her angelic voice.

Amanda Black and Dj Lag released a new single together titled Destiny. Fans were surprised as she came through with a brand unique sound. Amanda’s music is mostly afro soul and afro-pop. It was a shock for fans to hear her singing along to a house beat. What surprised people even more, is that she’s singing in English in the song.

Everyone is quite aware she’s a musical powerhouse, but; when an artist keeps releasing music in the same genre, it becomes hard to disassociate them with their famous sound.

When she was still signed under the record label Ambitious Records, she featured on many songs in different genres but kept her authentic signature sound. The other artists are rapping in the song Sizophumelela by Ms Pru from the label, but she’s singing. Her voice blended with the other artist’s verses very well. Sizophumelela was one of the songs that made it even harder to believe she could sing in any other way.

Amanda Black trends after releasing new smash hit DJ Lag


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Dj Lag is not too popular, but he’s a very successful Mzansi Dj. He’s reported to be one of the most prominent pioneers of the gqom genre. He has collaborated with big names from across the world like; Yemi Alade, Moonchild Sanelly, Busiswa and many more. His musical catalogue is impressive, and he doesn’t make music with just anyone.

Amanda debuted in the music scene and became one of the biggest names in the game. Her song Amazulu was huge and so were her other tracks like Sinazo, Ndizele Wena, Kahle, Kutheni na and many more.


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Like the other many Ambitious artists, she left the label over any disputes. Amanda personally said she left due to payment issues and the withholding of her awards by the owner. She’s now signed under her label and, she’s working at a steady pace. It’s said that when an artist’s soul is not at peace, they can’t make art.

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