Amanda du-Pont now runs two companies


Amanda du-Pont now runs two companies

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Amanda du-Pont is now the CEO of two companies; the first is a beauty brand named Lelive, while the second is a fintech business named StartX.

The South African actress shared photos of herself in the United Arab Emirate (UAE), and she revealed that she isn’t there for pleasure but on a business trip.

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Amanda says she got invited by the UAE Ministry of Economy for a business meeting, where she represents her fintech company.

The star is excited with the blessing coming her way.

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“Allow me to re-introduce myself. Really blessed to be growing in business. From the beauty sector, I have now also ventured into Finance and Technology. Here on a special invite from the UAE Ministry of Economy and @aimcongress representing @thestartx a global FinTech business in my new position as CEO. Our innovative platform will provide services that use technology to provide financial services and investment opportunities to businesses and consumers. I look forward to the investment opportunities ahead and supporting my business partner @arashrezaeisa as a speaker at The Annual Investment Meeting,” she wrote.

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“Now holding two CEO positions @thestartx God’s grace is abundant,” Amanda added.

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