OMG: Amanda du-Pont says that Jub Jub raped her for two years.

Amanda du-Pont says that Jub Jub raped her for two years.

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Today, social media has been abuzz after MacG released his podcast session with Jub Jub. Amanda du-Pont, Jub Jub and Kelly Khumalo have been trending on social networks after Jub Jub said awful things about his exes. Amanda du-Pont finally breaks her silence on the abuse she faced at the hands of Jub Jub.

Amanda du-Pont took to Instagram to tell her side of the story. Amanda said that Jub Jub should not say that he smashed her when he raped her for two years in a video that she posted. The two were in a relationship for two years, and Amanda claims that sex with him was never consensual. She could not leave the relationship because Jub Jub and his mother threatened him. She said that he usually forced himself on her when they were people in the house just so that she could not scream.

Jub Jub, in his interview, claimed that Amanda left him after he saw pictures of Kelly Khumalo with him. She set the record straight and addressed fans, saying the musician tried to kill her and suffocated her. She had to run away and tried opening a case with the police but was dismissed by an officer. Pictures that sufficed of Amanda and Jub Jub when he was in prison were taken after she had visited the jail for a different purpose with DJ Sbu.

Amanda confronted MacG for releasing a podcast like that and laughed as women were ridiculed. She said only a person who condones Gender-Based Violence and is an abuser would air that interview. She urged other women who have been through abuse at the hands of these men to come forward and fight together with her.

Amanda du-Pont says that Jub Jub raped her for two years.

Amanda has offered her support to Jub Jub’s baby mama Kelly Khumalo. Its public knowledge that Jub Jub and Kelly do not see eye to eye, and he even slandered her character, saying that she uses muthi to get ahead. Jub Jub let the viewers listen in on a voice note he sent Kelly asking to meet and iron out their differences on the podcast session, but it was ignored.

Many fans on Twitter and several other celebrities have made their support for her public. Like any other case, some people had opposing views and did not believe her. Kelly Khumalo is yet to make an official statement addressing this issue.

The beautiful Skeem Saam actress, Amanda DuPont took to social media on her past and the painful relationship she encountered with Molemo Maarohanye famously known as Jub Jub, allegedly she is accused he raped her for two years.


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All of this was revealed after an interview of Jub Jub with MacG, on the interview, Molemo said she smashed Amanda DuPont and they broke up after she saw a picture of him and Kelly Khumalo. Highlighting, Jub Jub said there was no way she could have chosen Kelly over Amanda, he alleged Kelly used Muthi on him.

Emotionally, the star actress replied to her social media platforms after realizing she has been trending all day.

“I was raped physically and emotionally abused for 2 years by Jub Jub, the only thing I did wrong was to keep quiet but that ends here I will not be publicly ridiculed by this criminal. Him and MacG so it fit to drag my name on the air podcast for cloud at the cost of amplifying a gender-based violence case,” said Amanda DuPont.
Amanda is also calling out for any attorney who can help her to win the case, as this is bigger than her. She is also prepared to dedicate this to women who never make it out and end up dead.
Some of South Africans had a tough time on believing Amanda DuPont, after attacking and dragging her name through the mad. Two celebrities came forward and also alleged that Molemo Maarohanye had raped them, one who worked with her at Moja Love said she experienced many sexual advances from him.

“I worked closely with Jub Jub at Moja Love and experienced many sexual advances which were declined. His interview on MacG’s podcast was reckless and he deserves a backlash. I believe you “, said the Fibroid Influencer on Twitter.