Amanda Dupont celebrated her birthday in Kenya

Amanda Dupont celebrated her birthday in Kenya

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South Africa might have many languages but most of these languages have some phrases or even words that are similar. One of the phrases is how a relationship (news) is for two people, the third one is there to cause problems between them. Which true, only a couple knows what is actually going on between them.
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Amanda Dupont is an actress, businesswoman, and television producer. She’s been on a ball lately, leaving her fan’s jaws on the floor with her pictures having fun in clubs. Most times she had been seen without her ring and has not been posting her husband Shawn Rodrigues.

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It even led to a rumour that they were separated. The actress celebrated her birthday and her husband knows how much she loves flowers, so much that he ordered them all the from Kenya. She was ecstatic, that she shared them and told him how much she loves them. We are curious to know if they are still together as her caption doesn’t say much. We hope they still are and jusy keeping it down low.

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