Amapino DJ DBN Gogo is the guest of CNN International


Amapino DJ DBN Gogo is the guest of CNN International

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DBN Gogo has been a prominent figure in the AmaPIANO music scene for a while now and her impact can be felt with viral challenges like the #DakiweChallenge and the popular song, Khuza Gogo.
However her reach has become international with a CNN interview detailing her journey

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Sibu Mabena posted a CNN interview featuring the popular hitmaker where DBN Gogo details the need she felt to put out something that wasn’t mainstream at the time. She explained that women had a minimal role in AmaPIANO.

She said, “At the time, most of the women involved in AmaPIANO were singers, dancers, there weren’t a lot of DJ’s unless you were going to the hood. You didn’t see a lot of women DJ’s in the scene.”

The international recognition is a big deal but the booked and busy DJ is forever onto the next project. The work she’s done has definitely paved the way for more women to choose the DJing path and with other female artists on the rise, you can’t help but feel proud of her influence.

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Although she credits her success to being “at the right place, at the right time”, it’s clear she worked had to get here.

When responding to the tweet she simply wrote, “❤️ pushing 🅿️ baby”

Personal Thoughts
DBN Gogo for me, is one of those people who work so hard that people start to think its effortless when it isn’t. The music industry is very male dominated and I witnessed along with everyone else, people complaining online about the presence of female DJ’s after Uncle Waffles’ debut. Its seems that people prefer women to be the icing and not the cake but DBN Gogo is proving she can be both. She making waves everywhere she goes and is proving she is here to stay.

I’m excited to see what else she has in store for us.

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