Amstel has withdrawn its sponsorship from the MacG podcast

Amstel has withdrawn its sponsorship from the MacG podcast

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While His Show Is Allegedly Destroying Public Figures Careers As Some Of You Think, Sponsors Are Dropping It Like Hot Potatoes

Amstel Lager is the furthest down-the-line brand to pull out of their sponsorship bargain for the Podcast and Chill series following transphobic remarks made by the hosts when they were talking about the deceiving outrage including entertainer Vuyo Dabula who is purportedly laying down with transsexual ladies. The brand separated itself from any transphobic and homophobic perspectives

During the discussion, Co-have Sol Phenduka is heard saying: “Disgrace man that (that) needed to happen to Vuyo. An astounding person. I saw him last week at Auckland Park. No doubt, he prefers riding wonderful transit.”

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To which Macgyver Mukwevho, interested, burst out in giggling prior to reacting by saying: “I saw an image of the trans lady. I got to say, holla at me at 3 AM, I am going in brother. she’s excellent. I’m similar to, she’s trans?,” said MacG.

Following this, Amstel Lager has since declared that they pulled out their association with the show, saying in an assertion: “The Amstel brand, locally and worldwide, is revolved around fellowship and incorporation, everything being equal, paying little mind to sex, race or sexual direction, without separation, and we distance ourselves from any transphobic and homophobic perspectives.

Prior in the year, Old Mutual and Studio 88 pulled out for comparable reasons