DloziLami: Ancestor is here to unravel all the witchcraft going on in her house

DloziLami: Ancestor is here to unravel all the witchcraft going on in her house

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This is one of the shows that Moja Love should have for a couple more years if possible because people really appreciate the content, and it makes perfect sense that people continually talk about how the discussion about witchcraft needs to happen.

Maybe it is about time that we understand why certain things happen they way they happening to us. In many instances, it is needed that we put into practice what is shared by the host, Thembi Nyathi, if you have watched the show, then you would know that some of the people who went there have similar concerns to some of us.

However, this is about one’s beliefs, what they believe in, personally, it should never be about other people. We have acquired so much understanding about what one needs to look out for as they go about living their lives. Witchcraft is a thing and more people are convinced that they need Thembi’s help to explain why there are weird things happening in their lives.

In the latest episode of the show, Thembi was adamant that people need to be careful about certain things and this includes borrowing people money, you might be calling trouble for yourself.

The other thing that people should know is that, it is important to cleanse your home, we live in a world where people are ignorant when it comes to such things. And obviously, there is a whole lot more that one can understand if ever they need assistance from a medium.

People’s situations are unique, and people might need to do things differently as a result of that, surely there is no problem when starts washing their windows more often because Thembi, as a medium, suggested it.

Thembi also talks about these things and she usually explains why she does what she does and it is unlikely that people fail to understand her messages, she is very clear. Some people watched the show for the first time this year and it is expected that they will be a bit skeptical about what they see, it will take a couple of episodes for them to understand.

After watching the show about Lerato, some people on social media mentioned that they were paranoid. They realise that people can bewitch them out there, it happens, we have seen this on the show, even with Lerato’s situation, it was the same thing.

There is still a lot that is going to happen as you might have seen, the next episode of the show seems quite interesting.

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