And finally happy news about Somizi And Kelly Khumalo.

And finally happy news about Somizi And Kelly Khumalo.

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Somizi And Kelly Khumalo. Now We Can Truly say Talent Runs In The Family

Now that we think about it, it makes perfect sense that the two superstars are related, I mean look at how talented they are, both of them at that.

Usually when celebs reveal something new about themselves we never know whether to believe them or not because in most cases they be just saying things to stay relevant and to chase clout. A week ago Kelly Khumalo revealed something very surprising, none of us were expecting it. The musician revealed that herself and Somizi mhlongo are related, she revealed all this in a comment under a picture that somizi had posted on his Instagram. The singer commented “my handsome cousin “. At first we thought she had made a mistake or something but no, she did it again. On another one of Somizi’s Instagram posts she commented again with “cuz” which is short for cousin.

If this was their way of revealing to the public that they are related we are very happy for them. Talent truly runs in the family