Andile Mpisane was seen at a night club with a new woman


Andile Mpisane was seen at a nightclub with a new woman

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Royal AM chairperson, Andile Mpisane is a certified lady’s man and there is no doubt about it. At only 21, Andile has already fathered two children with his ex-girlfriend Sithelo Shozi and has another little one on the way with his wife Tamia Mpisane.

This must be why he really did not want to be caught on camera standing very close to an unknown young woman at a club recently.

One of South Africa’s wealthiest young men Andile Mpisane lives the life most people can only dream about.

When he isn’t living it up shopping designer labels abroad, he’s shopping for luxury vehicles like McLarens and top-class BMWs.

Unfortunately for him, all the glitz and glam also comes with a lot of unwanted attention from people who want to know every detail about his life.

Recently the young son of wealthy businesswoman and Royal AM owner Shauwn “MaMkhize” Mkhize was out at a Soweto nightclub standing beside a young woman who was clearly enjoying the music.

Soon enough someone started recording the pair and soon as Andile realised this, he tried to hide but it may have been a little too late.

The clip was shared on Twitter by gossip blogger Musa Khawula who captioned it:

“Andile Mpisane spotted at Urban Grill, Soweto, with an IG influencer leaving his pregnant WIFE, Tamia, at home.”

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