Andile Mpisane’s wife Tamia shows off her glow


Andile Mpisane’s wife Tamia shows off her glow

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Not much was known about model and Andile Mpisane’s wife Tamia Mpisane until she and Andile got hitched in December 2021. The couple got married at a private ceremony attended by their close friends and family.

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Posting about her wedding, Tamia said that it was everything she ever prayed for. “I look forward to this new journey we have started together. I hope that we continue to love each other, be happy together, respect one another and always be comfortable enough to be ourselves,” she said to her husband Andile.

Introducing his wife to his followers, Andile said that he is “blessed” to have found a woman who shares the same goals as him. ” I’m looking forward to a fruitful future with my wife & family. I’m thankful to God for bringing her into my life.

“To @tamia_mpisane I LOVE YOU MKAMI aka Mrs. AM. I choose you and there is no turning back we are in this together!!! Cheers 🥂 to us my wife & welcome to the family.

“To my family & friends thank you so much for your support & the love you’ve shown us,” posted Andile Mpisane.

Two months after their wedding the couple announced that they were expecting their first child together. Showing off her baby bump, Tamia wrote a sweet letter to her unborn baby.

“Oh how I can’t wait to meet you. One day when you get to see this, I want you to know just how precious you are to me. From the moment I knew about you, I fell insanely in love with you,” she posted.
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“You are my first baby and this new chapter is going to be a learning curve for both of us. But I promise to give YOU the best of me. I’m not perfect but my love for you is and will forever be perfect.

“May God watch over you and protect you. May his love and grace be the guiding force for our journey ahead.”
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Fast forward to May, Tamia is glowing and looks better than ever. Plus, it appears she’s ready to pop.

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