Anele Mdoda did not forget her first husband

Anele Mdoda did not forget her first husband

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Anele Mdoda is a television talk show host and a radio personality known for her energetic personality. She is the younger sister of The Queen’s actress Thembisile Mdoda Nxumalo who was battling some sickness a few months back. Anele is a proud mother who takes care of her son.

Before she gets to TV, she started as a radio presenter back in the early 2000s when she was still in University. Today she is one of the most well known talk show hosts.

Sharing a facebook memory, Anele remembers her first husband she met at 18. She fell in love with Grant Nash at radio and he taught her a lot of things including how to strive to be great. People who used to listen to The Grant and Anele Show could relate. Anele refers to him as her first husband because they would fight and still be mature enough to broadcast the show together.

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