Radio and TV personality Anele Mdoda is excited about her new gig!

Radio and TV personality Anele Mdoda is excited about her new gig!

The ghosts of the past continue to haunt radio and TV personality Anele Mdoda even to this day. This comes after when she once took to social media to name and shame American superstar Kelly Rowland on her looks.

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She may be celebrating her biggest bag thus far, following her hosting gig for the upcoming Miss South Africa Beauty Pageant 2022. However, social media have not forgiven nor forgotten that Anele Mdoda once opened a can of worms where and shaded the ever beautiful American superstar, singer, actress and businesswomen Kelly Rowland on her looks

Instead of celebrating Anele Mdoda’s win as the host of Miss South Africa 2022. Tweeps cannot let her celebrate in peace as they have dig up the skeletons of the past to bring to the table, in an attempt to dim her light, which clearly is shining bright. Taking to social media, the Miss South Africa Academy has announced Anele Mdoda as the new host for this year’s Miss South Beauty Pageant 2022.

“She is vibrant, energetic, talented and yes of course your #MissSA2022 host
@Anele. @Anele is one of South Africa’s best-loved radio and television personalities. She will definitely be adding some colour at our pageant finale” wrote Miss South Africa Academy

Twitter is abuzz, as tweeps are certainly not jumping for joy that Anele Mdoda is the new host of Miss South Africa 2022. While they have put it to the Miss South Africa Academy and asked if Kelly Rowland was busy, hence Anele Mdoda will be the host this time around.

“Was Kelly Rowland busy??” wrote Aphelele Jody

The very same tweep that landed Anele Mdoda in hot water was when she claimed that Kelly Rowland was only pretty because of make-up. She went to say, without make-up, Kelly Rowland was not pretty and claimed that she has receipts.

“Kelly looks amazing with make up. Take that make up off then it’s tickets. I have receipts” wrote Anele Mdoda

Twitter Screenshot

Tweeps were angered by Anele Mdoda’s reckless tweet as they did not waste of their time by calling her out of her on belittling another woman and reducing her image based on the enhanced beauty of make-up.

“The Americans said Anele Mdoda has swallowed Kelly Rowland that’s why she looks like a hippo” wrote DK Herbert

Miss South Africa Beauty Pageant will be held on 13 August 2022, at SunBet Arena @timesquareza.

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