Anele Mdoda: not Every chubby girl with a gap looks like me.

Anele Mdoda: not Every chubby girl with a gap looks like me.

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Anele Mdoda might still be on her radio sabbatical, but the Queen of Morning Radio is still the content that keeps on giving. From strategically marked her exit from 94.7 for her sabbatical, launching her son’s YouTube channel, and spending time with her famous besties. Mdoda has been the gift that keeps on giving. Therefore, it came as no surprise as the media personality shared controversial sentiments on the constant comparison with other “chubby girls with gaps,” asking that it must come to an end, respectfully that is.

In the world of radio, the New Year is technically in April as that is when changes in radio hosts or shows are announced for the next coming 12-month cycle. While it is a well-known fact that Mdoda is basically the face of Primedia and that her Anele and The Club were secured, Mdoda proved how invaluable she was to 94.7 when it was announced that she was going on a three-month sabbatical and that she would return to the airwaves in July 2022.

Mdoda for years was dragged for filth over her suggestions that Kelly Rowland without makeup was “tickets,” suggesting that Rowland’s melanin natural beauty was only as set as the brand of setting powder and foundation that she uses. A suggestion that resulted in Mdoda being dragged about anything from her looks, her size, and her gap. But one thing that Mdoda has taught us is that confidence is everything. Not only has she had one of the healthiest weight loss journeys on social media but she has embraced her gap as a signature. But it seems that it is the comparisons that the good sis has had enough of.

Just days after her announcement and subsequent departure, guess who arrived in South Ah as Mdoda traveled to the US to visit Trevor Noah? Well, it could not be anyone but the “tickets” catchphrase and Destiny’s Child alumni Kelly Rowland. Rowland arrived and stayed in South Africa as long as Mdoda was out of the country. Rowland even had the pleasure of being interviewed by Mdoda’s breakfast host stand-in Thando Thabethe for what would have been an interview that Mdoda was supposed to handle if she was not on sabbatical.

Anele Mdoda on gap comparisons: “Stop this”

Anele Mdoda recently took to Twitter to make it clear that she is enough of hearing from other curvy girls with gaps that they are continually compared to her, look wise. However, Mdoda in the chain of tweets which followed made it clear that this was a selfish ask, but the request was altruistic in its intention. This is by adding that the reason for the request is not for her alone, but those “chubby girls with gaps” who probably know that they do not look like her either. But the comparison happens because they are also “chubby girls with gaps.” So, if you have the inclination to do so in the future, ask yourself, “What did Anele tell me about this…”

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