Anele Mdoda paid R7 000 for the wrong order!

Anele Mdoda paid R7 000 for the wrong order!

Radio Vixen Anele Mdoda is the latest person to get scammed by ordering custom made boots and she received something totally different

Speaking on her breakfast show this morning on #AneleAndTheClubOn947, Anele opened up about what transpired that led to her receiving her stunning boots.

She said to Franky(Co-host) that she thought she was too smart for these things because she always judged people that went through similar experiences.

“I had ordered this 2 weeks even before my birthday so it was a while ago. And this is why I thought this thing was legit because of the time that they needed and I was like, yes finally,”

Anele said her entire life she had always wanted thigh-high boots, “for a long time we were told that they are skanky…they are for ladies of the night, they are for ladies of negotiable affection…so I was like no I am not going to do thigh-high boots and then I was like I am going to get thigh-high boots, I don’t care what it makes me look like”

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Anele said a friend of hers then introduced to someone who makes custom-made boots. She said every time she walks into a shop, she cannot find boots that fit her because of her thick legs so everything has to be custom-made when it comes to boots.

“I go to this contact that my friend…When I walk into his consulting room, all the signs were there that year, I am going to get a good pair of boots here because of the shoes that are on display. I now believe that those were store-bought and he just puts them up in his shop to make it look like this man knows what he is doing”

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Anele said that the guy had something like a clipboard that puts in your shoe size and stuff. The guy was measuring her toe and all those things. The guy would send her a voice note every 3 or 4 days to update Anele on what he was doing at that point in time. He has to do a mold first and then Anele fits the mold and then he cuts the leather, “but he can’t just cut the leather because it is risky because this exercise is expensive, it is genuine leather”

She said that he had said that the boots would be done in 6 weeks because she was going to Lesotho and needed the boots because of the weather. She got excited. She called him a week before she leaves for Lesotho, she called to ask him if the boots were going to ready for her trip because she was going to be leaving at 6 am other following Thursday (last week), “He said there’s other things that I am doing and all of that so I say ‘can I pay a little bit more just so we can hurry this up, he agrees. I call him again on a Wednesday to ask him if the boots ate going to be read. He says, of course, send an Uber at 4 am to his studio to collect them”

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She woke up at 4 am, sent the uber at 4.30 am to get the boots. At 5.30 am the boots arrived at her place.

“They arrived in a huge plastic but he also said to me because of the time constraints, I cannot package them the way I usually package for my clients”. When the boots arrived Anele called the man and asked him what he made. She said to him “Ntate I am not an Eskimo hooker”.

Anele said the boots she received cannot fold back. They stand 24/7. They did not even zip at the top of her thighs. Anele’s co-hosts were gone with laughter and so are we. How did this happen?

“Even the horses would disappear,” said one of her co-hosts

Anele asked for her money back and luckily she got it back.