Anele Mdoda Refuse To Apologize To Kelly Rowland.


Anele Mdoda Refuse To Apologize To Kelly Rowland.

Media personality Anele Mdoda still stands by her comment that American singer Kelly Rowland isn’t nearly as good looking as many of us believe, even after fresh involves her to retract her statement.

In October last year, the radio and tv personality found herself at the center of a social media storm after she made comments about the previous Destiny’s Child band member’s looks.

Well, the American singer shared a sizzling hot bathroom snap of her abs in the week, that got tongues wagging.

Naturally, Anele’s name once more hit the Twitter trends list.

Many still felt Anele was wrong for her comment about Kelly and issued fresh involves her to apologise to Kelly.

Unfazed by all the noise, Anele replied to the backlash saying, “To me. Yes, that’s me … not you, me, even Serena is hotter. If my opinion shakes you such a lot please consult your therapist and not me.”

Anele added that Beyoncé was prettier, and her opinion on Kelly still stands.

“Oh I see that low life is showing that he thinks of me quite i feel myself. Beyoncé is prettier. My opinion will never change nor make me explode Twitter as you Twitter bullies like. Smooches aaaaand trend.”