Anele Mdoda slams the R2,500 job for a personal assistant

Anele Mdoda slams the R2,500 job for a personal assistant

Anele Mdoda had become the first celebrity to criticize an advertisement.

The advertisement promised a monthly stipend of R2500 for a stay-in domestic helper.

The helper would be required to work during the day and at night.

The person was looking for someone between the ages of 33 to 45. The persons duties would be to look after the couples child who is aged 8.

Surely this far from the stipulated salaries which are governed by the law of South Africa.

But Mdoda, just like many other people, understand that the money being offered is way too little.

“Who is this 33-year-old that must earn R2 500 a month. We have to come to terms with the fact that we can’t afford full-time nannies. This is evil,” she tweeted.

The Ad was placed at a time when South Africa is facing a mass unemployment rate.

But the issue of the money being offered for such a job has become a serious cause for concern.

The topic of what the minimum wage is for domestic workers is always a hot debate. What’s the correct amount and fair on both sides?

One person commented on the tweet saying that she was shocked when her friend told her that she pays her domestic R2500.

Per the Department of Employment and Labour, the minimum wage for domestic workers is R25.42 per hour, which can equate to R4956.52 a month. But some people earn below the minimum wage.

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