Angilwi, noma bengilwa ayikho into enizongenza yona” Outraged Gogo Maweni addressing trolls

Angilwi, noma bengilwa ayikho into enizongenza yona” Outraged Gogo Maweni addressing trolls

Gogo Maweni is certainly not jumping for joy following her recent video where she is lashing out on trolls. The outraged Gogo Maweni has been trolled for a long minute on social media and evidently, she is at her wit’s end.

Things got heated on Twitter following Gogo Maweni’s video where she was spitting fire while addressing trolls. Whether she is accused of staging her own Valentine’s day surprise or being called a ‘witch’ for owning scores of snakes. Gogo Maweni have heard and seen it all on the social media streets.

Lambasting the trolls who are always trolling her and other people on social media, Gogo Maweni is demanding to know what gives them right to impose on their lives.

“Guys, ngicela ukubuza (can I ask) angilwi, noma bengilwa (I am not fighting, even if I was fighting). Ayikho into enizongenza yona (There’s absolutely nothing you can do to me). I just want to know, what gives you guys the right on social media or any other public platform to say shit about people. Yini? (Why?) Banenzeni or sinenzeni (what have they done to you or what have we done to you? What gives you rights to talk crap about people on social media?” said Gogo Maweni

Gogo Maweni’s pleads with social media users to be cognizant that they are also human and they have feelings. Without a doubt, social media can be brutal at time and especially Twitter. People like the late veteran actor Patrick Shai and many others were rumored to have taken their own lives because of social media toxicity.

“We didn’t do shit to you. Yini ukhuliswe kabuhlungu (Did you have a rough upbringing?) Awuphilanga? (Are you not well?) Abakuphanga imali? (They didn’t give you money?) Why wenza leyonto inkinga yethu? Why are you making your problems our problems?) Why is it our problem? Why must you talk bad about other people? Why must you comment shit on other people’s pages? What did we do to you?” said Gogo Maweni

Gogo Maweni then proceeded on a battle of words with tweeps who were continuing to trolling her.

“Ha sikhuliswe kahle but don’t lie to us nawe. That was your money leya qha ucinga si dom wena. Stop living fake life nawe be real” wrote God’Sent

“Yes boo I’ve got money wena?” wrote Gogo Maweni

“Because we can and we buy our own data” wrote Lebogang

“N u r fail at this thing we call life…I hate people like u if only u knew how many people commit Suicide because of cyber bullying. But than again waphapha!!!” wrote Gogo Maweni

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