Are Real Housewives Of Durban Sane getting what she deserves?

Are Real Housewives Of Durban Sane getting what she deserves?

The Real Housewives of Durban is three episodes into its third season but it has already garnered so much attention. From the first episode, the return of the hit local franchise now also available in the US has been given! But it is the most recent two episodes which have caused many think pieces.

Primarily, this is due to the introduction of this season’s antagonist Sanelisiwe “Sane the Chef” Bhengu. This is as in two episodes, Sane has managed to fight and create enemies with most of the cast and friends of the show. As reported recently:

RHOD’s Sane The Chef “Come Dine With Me” Fail Exposed
From her two-episode appearance, Sane has earned the disdain of viewers as she continued to fight with other cast members including Annie, Nonku, and her own friend Jojo. This is why many viewers believe that she was brought in by the producers to stir the pot, which she did.
But it seems that her reality television stint has had long-reaching implications even in her private life.

Controversial entertainment commentator Musa Khawula is seemingly back to breaking exclusive. This is as the country has been reeling from the manner in which Sane has conducted herself on RHOD with many calling for her to be removed from the show.

It seems that there are some people that have taken into their own hands to see that Sane faces some kind of “justice” for her actions allegedly. This is as Khawula reported that Sane was recently beaten up by her own friend Chelsea. Apparently, Sane’s viciousness is not only reserved for reality television, but unlike on television, it seems that her friend dealt with her by beating her up.
Someone dealt with Sane 😂😂😂😂✅ #RHODurban

— livhuwani🦋 (@leboo_m_) February 16, 2023
While this confrontation might just be the first of many for Sane as she does deserve an appearance at the RHOD season three reunion. It seems that this marks the second hotly anticipated showdown during this upcoming reunion. As reported recently:

Episode three of RHOD was filled with a number of explosive moments. One, in particular, was the lunch between Nonku Williams, Jojo Robinson, and Sane the Chef. The two main cast members were there to confront Sane over the manner in which she attacked the women during her first “impromptu” appearance in episode two.

However, things did not go as planned as Sane all but denied or feigned amnesia over the comments she made in the previous episode directed at Londie London. Moreover, she then dragged Annie by alleging that “she slept her way to the top,” due to starting out as her now husband’s PA before becoming a businesswoman with a successful salon.

While Nonku defended Annie during the interaction, Jojo kept quiet and went on to spread the rumour during her event when she told Sorisha about the hot tea. Suffice it to say that when Annie watched the episode, similar to the viewers she was livid.

But it seems not at Sane, who has been labelled as thirsty for her actions on the reality show, Annie seems incensed by the lack of defence that Jojo put up when Sane was making the allegations. As such, Annie was ready for the reunion upon watching the latest episode just like the rest of us.

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