Are you see Letoya Makhene’s Zimbabwean ex-husband?

Are you see Letoya Makhene’s Zimbabwean ex-husband?

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Generations: The Legacy actress Letoya Makhene may be a newly wife . However, what many of us might not have known was that she was married before. Her fans didn’t know that in the least .

Letoya and her ex-husband, Privilege Mangesi, were married for over 9 years before they went their separate ways. They allegedly got divorced because he was all kinds of abusive, but she finally called it quits after he started abusing her physically.

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He starting abusing her when he lost his job. He would remove his frustrations on her. Luckily she left that abusive relationship, and she or he found love again.

A lot of individuals were really shocked that Letoya was married to a Zimbabwean man. They also commented about his looks, they were saying that she could have done tons better.

Sources claim that Privilege Mangesi moves back to Zimbabwe an extended time ago. he’s very cordial with Letoya.