Artist Zahara talking about her problem with alcohol.

Artist Zahara talking about her problem with alcohol.

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Zahara at long last opens up with regards to her drinking issue. Zahara needs no presentation in media outlets. She made a major break with her hit single Loliwe. Actually like in other VIPs she’s likewise not liberated from dramatization, throughout the long term she has been blamed for lacking control of her drinking propensities.

As of late Zahara was a visitor on MacG’s web recording in which she opened up with regards to her own life. Zahara opened up on how she used to be censured that she had a male voice yet that didn’t prevent her from following her fantasies. MacG proceeded to get some information about the drinking issue she has been connected with so often.

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She would didn’t not like to invest such a lot of energy discussing it however the lone thing that he said was she doesn’t tend to drink too much she just took wine once and it was quite a while past. Anyway since the time then, at that point individuals have been marking her a lush. Not having any desire to invest a lot of energy in the matter she requested that MacG change point and concentrate on discussing her music.


The meeting was led at her home and all through the entire meeting, she was trying not to address individual questions. It was truly engaging to watch look at the entire video on YouTube.