Asante was on her first day with her sister Kairo


Asante was on her first day with her sister Kairo

DJ Zinhle, currently has a reality show. On the reality show, viewers get to see her pregnancy journey, which is a journey that she has currently completed on the other side of the camera. On the latest episode, she can be seen trying to find ways of breaking her pregnancy news to her six-year-old daughter. She wanted to keep the pregnancy news a secret until giving birth, and only wanted those much closer to her to know about the pregnancy. The DJ has since given birth to her second daughter, named Asante. She and the father of her child are so excited, and can’t even hide it.
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DJ Zinhle took many by surprise at the end of August when she announced/ revealed her pregnancy through a trailer for her new reality show that plays on BET Africa. There have been celebrity women who have kept their pregnancy a secret until they gave birth. However, most people were still stunned by DJ Zinhle’s pregnancy.
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DJ Zinhle gave birth to her daughter on 08 September 2021. After giving birth, DJ Zinhle has been sharing snaps of her new daughter. There is a picture that she posted on her newborn’s Instagram, and there was a caption. What surprised most people is the fact that her older Daughter Kairo commented on the post, and DJ Zinhle also responded. Both her daughters are too young to be typing, even though Kairo is 6 years old, she can’t be writing the perfect English at her age, never mind typing it using a phone. So people are assuming that the DJ is talking to herself. This is something that most celebrities do when they post their kids on Instagram. They also write captions for them.

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