Aubrey gets brutally honest on Warren Masemola’s acting

Aubrey gets brutally honest on Warren Masemola’s acting

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Warren Masemola is one of Mzansi’s treasured actors and his talent is unequalled. The star is incredibly diverse and bodies his every character assigned to him. Making him an unforgettable face on our TV screens. This is the same sentiments shared by iconic actor Aubrey Poo, who let another fan understand the amazing actor Warren is.

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When the fan tried to come up with comparisons between the two legendary actors, Aubrey let the fan know that as much as he is an amazing actor, Warren is too. The fan placed Aubrey in high regard and said he is a better actor than Warren. Not wanting to contribute in the conversation looking to downplay Warren’s star power, he simply denied those claims.

“I think Aubrey Poo delivers better performances than Warren Masemola, Warren just has insane versatility and can play ANY character, Aubrey has less versatility,” said the fan, to which Aubrey simply denied.

Aubrey responded by fixing his fellow thespians crown, not that it was ever out of place, “@warrenmasemola is a consummate professional within our discipline who aims for better and deeper in all he does and so do I. We thank you for noticing the work but just had to correct you there. Intensity is born of what the story and character requires.”

He then added that the comparison is inaccurate, “Brother, thanks for the kind words but I humbly differ. Warren Masemola is a brother, literal homeboy and a fellow thespian of note. Your comparison is inaccurate because the point you raise (versatility) is the very thing we have in common purely because that’s Acting 101.”

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Warren made his return to TV on the hit 1Magic telenovela The River just recently. Not only that, but he also bagged a supporting role on an upcoming show, Isiphindiselo on ETV.

Warren has played numerous roles proving just how talented he is. His most difficult character is however the hardcore Mafred which is a criminal and pantsula dancer on the Netflix series Tjovitjo.

‪”This has been my most challenging role to date, the realness drew me in. ‪It is the state of the nation at the moment. ‪So much of it is heartbreaking to watch because it is so real. ‪It is the places and the people that the country doesn’t normally see on TV.
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“I’ve been very broke before. When I finished drama school, starting out as an actor, it was really tough. I shared a two-bedroom cottage with a friend of mine … it was six months of being really bad. We had to do odd jobs and go on to other things.”