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WATCH: ‘Most painful month of love’: Lerato Kganyago shares heartbreaking NEWS

WATCH: ‘Most painful month of love’: Lerato Kganyago shares heartbreaking NEWS

Radio and TV personality, Lerato Kganyago took to her Instagram on Wednesday to reveal why she skipped Valentine’s Day 2024.

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Media personality Lerato Kganyago says February 2024 was the most painful Valentine’s month of her life.


The radio personality took to her Instagram stories on Wednesday, 21 February to reveal that she had another miscarriage.

“Pardon my silence. This was the most happiest but became the most painful month of love. On the 12th was when my incredible gynae broke the news. I’m much better than last week. My parents have been next to me.”

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Kganyago also shared a picture of her baby’s ultrasound on her social media, thanked her fans, colleagues and bosses for supporting her.

“I’m strong and I will never give up. Thank you to those that have been checking up on me. I was so hopeful,” she added.


TshisaLIVE reported in August 2021 that the radio personality, Lerato Kganyago had another miscarriage.

Kganyago took to her Instagram and got candid about her devastation at losing yet another baby.

“I was pregnant. I’m sure you guys saw that I was really big … then I had a miscarriage. Yes, I had a miscarriage this year again, it was my fourth miscarriage,” she revealed.

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Kganyago added at the time that she was over 12 weeks pregnant when she lost her child.

“I think I was three-four months pregnant but unfortunately I lost my baba … life goes on. This is something that I didn’t want to discuss but since we’re having [an] honesty night … I was looking forward to this pregnancy, I thought this time around that I had made it through because I had been trying so hard for a while,” Lerato said.

Sowetan also revealed in August 2021 that Kganyago had four miscarriages. Her latest miscarriage would mean that she’s lost five babies.

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WATCH: Amapiano vocalist Lady Du speaks on fame and what she wishes for as a famous musician

WATCH: Amapiano vocalist Lady Du speaks on fame and what she wishes for as a famous musician

Lady Du dishes out some of her principles on social media. The Amapiano star says her aim is not to be the greatest, neither is she concerned about topping charts or receiving awards.

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I’m not chasing charts! The number one spot, awards, exposure, I am still the same as when I started the game, the only difference is financial, I still have the same friends, still love the same cars, still eat at the same places, do the same things, watch the same shows added more,” she wrote.

“Nothing in my life has changed I just help people more. My priority is not to be the greatest, but to be able to move and move with people. I want all of us to win united futhi!!!!”

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Lady Du said her award is God and she takes no credit for her success. God is the award I want!!! I want to live a life that’s approved by God!!!! I want to be number one to God, I want spiritual ranking.

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So you’ll always find me supporting people. I work for my money, don’t believe in hand outs, I want to know where my money comes from. I am a vessel of Christ, I take no credit at all for what is happening in my life,” the singer concludes.

WATCH: Wendy Mbatha & boyfriend arrested after heavily beating up a pregnant woman

WATCH: Wendy Mbatha & boyfriend arrested after heavily beating up a pregnant woman

Well-known social media influencer Wendy Mbatha, the sister of international actress Nomzamo Mbatha, appeared in the Pinetown Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday alongside her boyfriend for the assault of a pregnant woman in a shopping mall last week.

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Mbatha and her boyfriend, Senzo Cele, were captured on camera repeatedly punching the pregnant woman. The video has since been shared across social media.

Mbatha and Cele were charged for assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm to Snothile Gumede, who is believed to be about three months pregnant. The couple were arrested in KwaMashu on Sunday and appeared in court on Monday where they were granted R1500 bail each.

The matter adjourned for further investigation and for witness and complainant statements. They are expected to return to court on April 29.

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KwaZulu-Natal Social Development MEC Nonhlanhla Khoza commended police for the swift arrest of the two suspects “linked to a despicable act of gender-based violence against a pregnant woman”.

According to the Department, a team of detectives, assembled promptly by the police, successfully tracked down the man seen “brutally” assaulting a the pregnant woman in a video circulated on social media last Thursday.

Following widespread public outrage over the severity of the assault, the minister sent a team of social workers to support the victim and engage police to prioritise the case.

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Khoza expressed gratitude to the public for their solidarity with the victim and her family, offering support during this ordeal. “The assault on this vulnerable woman is an affront to the principles of humanity and decency.

“Such horrendous acts have no place in our society and those responsible must face the full might of the law.

“We demand swift justice and we are pleased that the police acted swiftly, arresting the suspects in less than 48 hours,” she said.

Khoza emphasised the urgent need for accountability in addressing gender-based violence. “We are outraged by the barbarity of this attack, a clear manifestation of the pervasive scourge of gender-based violence in our communities.

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We must stand united against such atrocities and work tirelessly to eradicate the toxic culture that perpetuates violence against women

“We must collectively strive to create a society where women and girls can live free from fear of violence and discrimination,” affirmed Khoza.

She urged the community to translate their outrage into action by supporting survivors and implementing robust measures to prevent gender-based violence.

“We must actively condemn and report any instances of gender-based violence, fostering a culture of accountability and solidarity in the fight against this pervasive menace,” added the MEC.

WATCH: Angry Cyan Boujee fires back at Mac G after he calls her a pr0stitute

WATCH: Angry Cyan Boujee fires back at Mac G after he calls her a pr0stitute

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Controversial South African influencer and DJ, Cyan Boujee drags Mac G for calling her a pr0stitute on his show, Podcast and Chill. The influencer’s attention was called to it by a fan and she replied to the presenter with heavy insults, also dragging his wife on Instagram stories.

“lol gotta get used to the hot topic phrase. That squirrel-looking thing laughing out at the fact that im out on school tours is okay but calling me a pr0stitute for views is were you draw the line. your wife that looks 20x older than you is the actual prostitute,” she wrote.

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Cyan further calls Mac a hypocrite and hater.

“Have your opinion about me but don’t swear at me then come back to smile in my face. Y’all supporting an actual premium hater that’s hating every young artist in the game. but the good thing is we keep accomplishing.”

“Being in the industry for DECADES and having a 22 year old come in a year and make lox what you’ve made is the kind of hate I understand but i repeat, DONT. SWEAR ON MY NAME.”

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Cyan continues with dragging Mac G and also trolled the co-host on three show, Sol Phenduka.

“Keep your respect high for me cause you know I’m one of the top 5 guests out of a million guests you’ve had that gave you one million views, and i don’t wanna talk about that dark blue, blob fish fat man. he’s just a puppet gaining coins from this and I’ll be stooping rootimes low”

WATCH: Interesting Facts About Skeem Saam’s Oratile Maitisa

WATCH: Interesting Facts About Skeem Saam’s Oratile Maitisa

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Every evening after Skeem Saam airs, it immediately trends on social media. Reason being that the SABC1 hit drama is a fan favorite. Every episodes leaves us asking for more because of the storyline as well as the talented cast.

Actors such as Oratile Maitisa are the reasons fans across the country and beyond are glued to the screen every single week day.

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Oratile Maitisa was born on March 1, 1999 in Seshego, Limpopo, just outside Polokwane.

Her sole sibling is her older brother, whom she considers to be a major inspiration.

She started school at MP Malatjie Primary School in Seshego Zone 8 in 2005. She completed her matriculation at Capricorn High School in Polokwane.

Despite the fact that she did not attend university, her desire has always been to study for a Bachelor of Arts degree in live performance at Africa Film Drama Art (AFDA) School.

She joined Skeem Saam in 2010, where she portrays Eunice Nkadimeng, a sweet and innocent young girl.

Eunice has lofty goals and has decided to attend university in Johannesburg, where success is thought to be easier to obtain. She experienced her first true taste of being in love, as many young ladies do when they move to the city, but she also had her first taste of devastating heartbreak a few weeks later.

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Oratile is an accomplished singer and dancer in addition to being a skilled actress. She has taken dancing lessons at a Polokwane academy.

She also claimed that she is deeply spiritual. Oratile is a youth evangelist and has robed into two guilds at church.

In June this year, Oratile announced that was a Sangoma. She took to Instagram to share videos and pictures of what looked like her graduation day.

She lists Diary of a Mad Black Woman as her favorite movie. Her reasons are that the movie shows how strong women can be, it also shows how women can hold their own in this world and be in control.

Cutie! Kelly Khumalo posts rare pic of baby girl

Cutie! Kelly Khumalo posts rare pic of baby girl

Kelly Khumalo has shared an adorable picture of her toddler, a daughter she allegedly shares with soccer star Mthokozisi Yende…

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After months of keeping her face hidden, Kelly Khumalo has shared a look at her lastborn, a baby girl. According to Zimoja, the singer welcomed her third child with former Kaizer Chiefs player Mthokozisi Yende last April.

Kelly has two other children: son Christian with singer Jub Jub and daughter Thingo with the late soccer star Senzo Meyiwa.


On her Instagram Stories, Kelly Khumalo shared a pic of her baby. The little girl – who will turn one in April – was seen playing with pots and pans.

“Driving us crazy already,” the mom of three affectionately shared.

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Kelly last shared a pic of the baby girl during Christmas last year. If her posts are anything to go by, she does not have a relationship with the baby’s father, allegedly Mthokozisi Yende.

Months earlier, Kelly hinted that all may not be well in the relationship department after posting a cryptic quote on her IG Stories.

It read:  “Congratulations to those who found partners with pure intentions.

“That s*** is rare.”

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In another Instagram post, Kelly Khumalo shared a hint of her baby girl’s name.

In it, Kelly thanked her eldest daughter for being a great helper. She also revealed the name of her baby girl.

She shared: “She’s convinced I’m her best friend, and so do. She’s the first person to knock at my door every morning……not to mention when it’s bath time for Baby Luna”.



WATCH: The richest South African celebrity Skomota’s net worth shocks fans.

WATCH: The richest South African celebrity Skomota’s net worth shocks fans.

skomota feature image

South Africa’s Wealth Elite: The Top 15 Richest Individuals of 2023

Skomota: A Rising Star with a Net Worth of $500,000

In the dynamic landscape of South African wealth, 2023 has seen a diverse array of individuals amassing considerable fortunes. Topping this exclusive list are influential figures from various industries, showcasing the economic diversity of the nation. Let’s delve into the lives and fortunes of the top 15 richest South Africans this year.

1. Patrice Motsepe: Mining Magnate with a Financial Empire

At the zenith of the financial hierarchy sits Patrice Motsepe, a titan in the mining industry. With vast interests in various sectors, Motsepe’s net worth has soared, solidifying his position as the wealthiest individual in South Africa.

2. Nicky Oppenheimer: A Stalwart in Diamond Mining

Renowned for his substantial contributions to the diamond mining sector, Nicky Oppenheimer stands tall as the second wealthiest South African. His legacy in the mining industry has significantly contributed to the nation’s economic growth.

3. Johann Rupert: Luxury Empire Tycoon

Johann Rupert’s influence extends beyond South African borders. As the head of a conglomerate spanning luxury goods and fashion, Rupert’s empire has secured him a prominent spot among the country’s wealthiest individuals.

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4. Koos Bekker: Media and Technology Visionary

In the ever-evolving landscape of media and technology, Koos Bekker has navigated successfully, accumulating significant wealth. His ventures in these sectors have propelled him to the forefront of South Africa’s richest.

5. Elon Musk: The Visionary Entrepreneur with Global Impact

While Elon Musk may have global prominence, his South African roots remain a part of his narrative. The entrepreneur’s ventures in technology and space exploration have contributed substantially to his wealth, securing him the fifth spot.

6. Michiel Le Roux: Banking Tycoon

Michiel Le Roux, with a stronghold in the banking sector, is the sixth richest South African. His contributions to the financial industry have been instrumental in shaping the nation’s economic landscape.

7. Ivan Glasenberg: Commodities and Trading Maestro

Ivan Glasenberg’s success in commodities and trading places him firmly among South Africa’s wealthiest. His strategic ventures and business acumen have resulted in significant financial gains.

8. Christoffel Wiese: Retail Mogul

Christoffel Wiese’s empire in the retail sector has earned him the eighth position on the list. His ventures in retail have not only made him wealthy but have also left an indelible mark on South Africa’s consumer landscape.

9. Patrice Motsepe’s Wife, Dr. Precious Moloi-Motsepe: Philanthropist and Businesswoman

Beyond being the wife of the wealthiest individual, Dr. Precious Moloi-Motsepe has made a name for herself as a successful businesswoman and a dedicated philanthropist. Her endeavors in various sectors have significantly contributed to her wealth and influence.

10. Cyril Ramaphosa: Political Leader and Business Mogul

Cyril Ramaphosa, both a political leader and a savvy businessman, holds the tenth position on the list. His multifaceted career has allowed him to accumulate wealth through various channels, reflecting the intersection of politics and business.

11. Markus Jooste: Former Retail Executive

Markus Jooste, despite facing challenges in his career, retains a significant spot on the list. His past as a retail executive has left an impact on South Africa’s business landscape.

12. Lauritz Dippenaar: Financial Services Visionary

Lauritz Dippenaar, known for his role in the financial services sector, secures the twelfth spot. His contributions to the industry have played a pivotal role in shaping South Africa’s financial landscape.

13. Stephen Saad: Pharmaceutical Entrepreneur

Stephen Saad’s success in the pharmaceutical industry has not only contributed to advancements in healthcare but has also bolstered his financial standing, making him the thirteenth richest South African.

14. Raymond Ackerman: Retail and Philanthropy Icon

Raymond Ackerman, a stalwart in the retail sector, combines his business acumen with a commitment to philanthropy. His dual role places him among the wealthiest South Africans, with an impact that extends beyond business.

15. Skomota: The Young Celebrity Breaking Boundaries

Breaking into the top 15 is the rising young star, Skomota, South Africa’s richest young celebrity with a net worth of $500,000. Skomota’s rapid ascent in the entertainment industry showcases the potential for new entrants to make a mark among the nation’s wealthiest.

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In a nation marked by diversity and economic dynamism, these individuals collectively shape South Africa’s economic landscape, leaving a lasting impact on various industries. As the year unfolds, their influence is likely to continue evolving, reflecting the ever-changing nature of wealth in the rainbow nation.

Get to know Nomalanga from Sibongile & The Dlaminis

Get to know Nomalanga from Sibongile & The Dlaminis

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Yolanda Khwezi Myeza is a 21-year-old actress from Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. Passionate, dedicated, and hard-working are character-defining terms for Yolanda, who fell in love with the arts at age 7 before she truly understood them.

Now with a clear understanding, her life is driven by art.She has recently completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Live Performance at AFDA Durban, doing both Film and Stage Acting. Currently, she is doing an Honours degree in Film Producing.

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To date, she has been in nine short films and one stage production. The university experience has so far sharpened and amplified skills in leadership, communication, and group collaboration. Yolanda’s Bachelor of Arts degree is for the acting major, which she wishes to do in the industry.

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She strongly believes that her generation of acting and film students will be equipped with the appropriate skills to transform the nature of the film and television industry in the country, taking it to the next level. Besides acting, she wishes to branch out into producing and production management in film or television, with the dream of one day starting her own production company.

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As of 2023, the actress is portraying the character of Nomalanga on the Mzansi Wethu telenovela Sibongile and The Dlaminis. Fans are loving her character, and she is promising that she will be one of the best actresses in South Africa.

” His Smile!” Get to know Soka from House of Zwide

” His Smile!” Get to know Soka from House of Zwide

Linda Nxumalo realized that if he stayed in Durban instead of chasing his ambitions, he would end up nowhere. The 25-year-old actor went away from home to pursue his studies and follow his passion as a career.

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Most people recognize her as Sokalweze, Ona’s love interest in House of Zwide, but she is much more than that. So, let’s get to know Linda Nxumalo, both as an actor and as a person.

Soka from House Of Zwide was born on 10 June 1997 in KwaZulu Natal in KwaSanti. When he matriculated, the young man decided to enrol at the Durban University of Technology.

At the school, Linda took on the chance to pursue a National Diploma in Drama and Production. After graduating from college, Linda moved to Johannesburg in search of better opportunities.

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Linda began her career in Johannesburg from very low beginnings. To make ends meet, the actor worked as a server in a restaurant. Linda Nxumalo became Star Quality Agency for stars while working at the restaurant.

They assisted him in landing his first on-screen job soon after joining them, and it was in Isithembiso, which aired on Mzansi Magic. He played the role of a young man hired to rob Absalom, and he ended up in jail.

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Linda Nxumalo was approached by Bomb Productions after his performance in Isithembiso and offered the role of Soka in House of Zwide. His character is a young university student who relocates to Joburg for his studies. He lives with his two cousins and works as a mechanic for Bra Isaac.

Soka falls in love with his boss’s daughter Ona but is friend-zoned, so he accepts any attention he can get from her.

Linda Nxumalo is also interested in filmmaking and filmography. The actor has yet to appear in many film projects, but he did an excellent job as his character in a little feature film called Officially Selected. The short film has been selected to be a part of the 2019 National Arts Festival.

WATCH: Hungani Ndlovu recently launched his DJ career

WATCH: Hungani Ndlovu recently launched his DJ career

Hungani Ndlovu, a South African actor and performer, has added DJing to his skill set.
This shift piqued the interest of internet users since Hungani is an actor, dancer, and now DJ, making him a jack of all crafts.

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With an increase of South African celebrities launching new companies in order to generate numerous sources of revenue, some celebrities are unlucky.

He is not just a DJ but also a content developer alongside his wife, Stephanie Sandows. They run a YouTube channel titled Ndlovu Uncut, where they discuss their experiences with children, marriage, and everything in between.

Hungani recently took to Instagram to showcase his DJing skills by posting pictures of him hitting the decks at a gig where he re-introduced himself as DJ Grizi with the caption, “They said, ‘We’ve got a celebrity DJ!’ And I got excited thinking I’m opening for someone else kanti they were talking about me.”

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Instagram users took to the comment section to congratulate the actor on his new venture, saying, “I love how you literally fit and suit every cab you wear. Let’s put together a whole bash now.

“You are the best at what you do Hungani! You embody Col 3:23 through and through.”

“Knowing how you dance, I believe BPM it’s on 190.”

“Hustling HARD, ” adding fire emojis which usually mean that it’s going to be lit.