Ayanda Borotho faced the school’s leadership about the allegations.


Ayanda Borotho faced the school’s leadership about the allegations.

Isibaya actress Ayanda Borotho was among several outraged parents who took to the streets in the week to protest against a deputy principal at Brackenhurst highschool who allegedly made an offensive remark to a female pupil about her clothing.

A pupil at the varsity in Alberton, Johannesburg, told Sowetan the deputy principal allegedly told a female pupil who was wearing a summer dress: “If something happens to you, it’s your fault”.

Pupils and fogeys labeled the remarks inappropriate, offensive, and sexist. They held protests at the varsity to demand that the deputy principal be expelled.

Ayanda’s daughter attends the varsity, and therefore the star was among those at the protests.

She took to Instagram on Thursday to label the incident “racial gender-based violence (GBV)”, and detailed her battles with the varsity.

“You won’t have your way with our children”, she wrote, before describing how she had requested to “confront” the principal about the incident and was apparently denied a gathering.

“The children had been within the sun for 2 days. I called him, he hung abreast of me. I then called Bhuti (Gauteng education MEC) Panyaza (Lesufi), who acted immediately to urge our assistance. I called other organizations to assist. I sent an e-mail to the principal stating this may not getaway .”

She said she was invited to satisfy with the varsity administration and principal to debate the difficulty over “tea”, but refused.

Ayanda said pupils had apparently been “gaslighted and dismissed within the guise of ‘you are misquoting me’,”, and said they were hurting.

“We are ready for war. Enough!” she said.

Gauteng Department of Education spokesperson Steve Mabona confirmed to TshisaLIVE that the teacher had been suspended and would “report to the district office”.

“The Gauteng department of education wishes to verify the incident at Bracken highschool. it’s alleged an educator made inappropriate comments to a female pupil about her code.

“We immediately dispatched our officials to the varsity on September 9 2020 to attend to the matter. Our officials met with the varsity and anxious parents and guaranteed them action would be taken. The implicated teacher was far away from the varsity and can report back to the district office.”

He said an investigation into the matter had been launched and a preliminary report would be shared with parents on Friday.

“It is anticipated the matter is going to be finalized before the top of September,” he said.

In a letter to oldsters and pupils in the week, the varsity said the department had requested interviews with some pupils which “would happen sometime next week”.

Steve said that a team had been dispatched to the varsity to supply counseling, and therefore the department was saddened by the incident.

“We are very disappointed that such disturbing comments might be attributed to a female teacher. a faculty environment should be conducive to show pupils to uphold values. we all know what GBV has done and continues to try to to to our women and youngsters. it’s unfortunate that such an event allegedly occurred in our space. We sincerely apologize to the varsity community at large about this regrettable incident.”

When contacted by TshisaLIVE, the varsity said they were currently during a meeting to debate the matter and would comment once a press release had been involved.

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