Ayanda Borotho opens fire on Amanda du-Pont

Ayanda Borotho opens fire on Amanda du-Pont

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After Amanda Du Pont came forward accusing JubJub of raping her after JubJub said he slept with her. A lot of people had a lot to say defending JubJub some defending Amanda. Some people on social media were not happy with Amanda du Pont’s allegations as they say she is lying and defending JubJub saying why did she keep quiet all this years and decided to say this now.

I guess after seeing all this Ayanda Borotho decided to break her silence about this matter as she took to her social media account to respond to people who are saying Amanda is lying, AND WHAT JUBJUB SAID DURING HIS INTERVIEW WITH MAcG WHEN HE MMENTIONEDTHE WORD SMASHED WHEN HE TOLD PEOPLE THAT HE SLEPT WITH AMANDA below is what she posted on her timeline in her Instagram account please read:

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And what probably pushed Ayanda Borotho into speaking up about this matter is because she saw other women people who should be protecting one of their judges her in public by asking questions like why now, why was she quiet. After all, I guess that’s some of the things that people said, that made Ayanda angry.

Amanda’s case touched a lot of people, and I guess the reason why people are so touched is that a lot of women go through the same thing but they are scared to talk because they are afraid to be judged by people.

Because when it comes to matters like this it’s not easy to report someone, more especially if people know that you have been dating the person or you dating the person. As people don’t understand how can someone who is in a relationship with someone say the person raped them.

Like what Ayanda Borotho said trying to make people understand Amanda’s case and stop judging her for reporting this matter now after all these years.