Ayanda Borotho: stay away from watching the news.


Ayanda Borotho: stay away from watching the news.

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Ayanda Borotho also shared a little note on taking care of your mental state saying everything is ruled by energy. She said people need to be wary of the kind of energy they engage in and also know when to withdraw themselves from that.

“Everything is ENERGY. EVERYTHING. Words,, images, music, people, what we do…everything. As we engage the world, may we understand that we are engaging energy. And may God give us the wisdom to know what kind of energy we are engaging and most importantly the kind of impact it has on us emotionally, mentally and what that then manifests as PHYSICALLY.”

She then points out how the news has negative energy and that she found herself consuming such without knowing what it does to her mental state. The actress thanks her husband for helping her stop consuming the news.

“Last night I was so overwhelmed by all the negative news I had consumed the past months and weeks. It all came to a spiraling halt. And thank God my husband was there to pull me out of it. This morning I feel better. Better because I know how deeply affected I have been by what I have been consuming.”

The horror film star said her family has not been watching the news for the past 3 years and it was probably the best decision they ever made.

“3 years ago we made the decision not to watch the news in our home. Some years ago we moved to the country side. There is so much I had consciously divorced for my own peace of mind, but “social media” was the one I married instead. That phone that is always dictating your state of mind because it POURS into you even when you don’t realise it. IT IS SO DANGERIOUS, because it’s the “friend” who’s a wolf hidden in sheep’s clothing.”

Ayanda said her obsession with social media did not make it clear that she was still consuming news but in another form. Social media can be draining and Ayanda can attest to that. She reckons that it stops people from living in the moment and gain gratitude for the life they have, because they are consuming too much media.

Ayanda then closes off by saying everything people consume is energy, and that it attaches to you whether you are aware, or not. She then says it is not difficult to let go of such things as well.

“If we can attract it, it means we can retract it. What we wear, we can take off. We have power to disengage and rebuke the energy we don’t want to engage.”

Ayanda stars in a horror film called Every Day Is Halloween and it also depicts the dangers of gender based violence. It premiered on October 31 and it tells the tale of the realities of women in South Africa.

“Women can’t escape the violence they face in this country daily, no matter how hard they try. We are trapped in our homes with abusers and killers known to us and the community. Outside the home, we are harassed and hunted. We are separated from our children and families because we are running from physical and emotional danger,” the actress told Daily Sun.

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