MinaNaweHouse: Ayanda’s intentions aren’t good on Makhegu


MinaNaweHouse: Ayanda’s intentions aren’t good on Makhegu

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I remember the first time I saw Ayanda and Makhegu in the Mina Nawe House. I thought Ayanda was overbearing and used Makhegu as a rebound for her failed marriage. She was clinging on to her past so desperately and Makhegu was the casualty because she had to tolerate and love her even though her feelings were discarded.

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Last night’s episode saw Ayanda and Makhegu outside of the house and doing a few things. Ayanda finally took an important step of letting go of her past and removing the tattoo that is a match to her ex-wife. This meant so much to Makhegu because it showed that Ayanda is willing to close that door of her past.

Negotiators made their way to Ayanda’s family and started the lobola negotiations. From the dancing and all, it seemed like it all went well.

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But, viewers couldn’t help but note how underwhelmed Ayanda was. She didn’t look happy and sure about her marriage to Makhegu. Instead, she said, “I’m wondering if my second marriage will last. If it fails, ill have to get married for the 3rd time.”

On the day your partner is committing themselves to you, why would you be thinking about divorce? Ayanda isn’t as sure about the marriage as Makhegu is, and it’s disappointing to watch. If anything, Ayanda is the abusive one so I can’t even claim that she’s scared Makhegu will treat her badly.

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Viewers? They didn’t let the uncertainties pass them. They noted them and make deductions about the future. If the marriage is being built on doubt from one partner, Makhegu will be giving on end while Ayanda waits for her ultimate escape to her 3rd marriage. In short, Ayanda is claimed not to love Makhegu and stringing her along.

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