Ayanda: Dream Girl ought to always make an effort to continually improve herself

Ayanda: Dream Girl ought to always make an effort to continually improve herself

Ayanda Thabethe is one Zaleb who has never been afraid to challenge herself. More recently, the tv presenter announced that she’s going back to high school . Taking to Instagram, Thabethe revealed that she has enrolled for her third qualification.
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Ayanda shared a screenshot of the acceptance letter she got from Henley graduate school and it reads as follows.

Miss Thabethe
The Henley Flexible Executive MBA Programme: Intake SA48-June 2021
Thank you for your recent application. After careful consideration, we are pleased to supply you an area on the Henley Flexible Executive Master of Business Administration program commencing on 28 June 20201.
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Explaining her decision to travel back to high school , the star said that one should make the trouble to repeatedly improve themselves.

“And so a replacement journey begins. Every #DreamGirl need to always make an attempt to repeatedly improve herself.
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I’m officially on my thanks to my 3rd Qualification, the last one being an Honours in Marketing. I can’t wait to start out this new journey with @henleyafrica!! My aim is to merge the worlds of digital disruption and traditional marketing methods during a quantifiable manner – i think that this is often where I’ll be ready to add the foremost value in my future endeavours …

A special many thanks to @simpsm2 and @o.g_mo_easy for serving as my references …

LETS FLIP THE SCRIPT!!! An #MBA for a #DreamGirl”
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Ayanda is certainly making boss moves, on her 35th birthday she announced her new tech business. She launched her own identical digital twin named IAMiYanda.

“I’m super excited to introduce you guys to iYANDA! My very own identical digital twin. @IAMiYANDA is additionally Africa’s newest virtual human – Oh, and that we may look identical…but she certainly features a lifetime of her own – living within the digital realm …Officially entering the planet of tech and joining other computer game robots !!! Can’t await you to ascertain what she gets up to … #IamIYANDA #www.iamiyanda.com !!! Please follow @iamiyanda as my birthday present .”
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In the cool animation showcasing IamIyanda, the robotic voice-over says the following: “I’ve always wondered if it’s possible to recreate…. “In life, you’ve got two choices to either proceed or to travel back. I’ve always chosen to travel forward.”