Ayanda is coming back to Generations: The Legacy after disappearing


Ayanda is coming back to Generations: The Legacy after disappearing


Oby Phakade played by Khabonina Qubeka is coming back to Generations: The Legacy after disappearing. The new Mrs. Phakade is not to play with and she is ready to do whatever it takes to get her revenge.

Oby is married to Kumkani Phakade known as Gaddafi. The two got married while Gaddafi was running away from the South African police and came back married to a diplomat from Nigeria who was able to protect him from getting arrested. Kumkani left Generations: The Legacy with Tshidi Moroka after the two decided to get back together.

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It is clear that Oby will be coming back alone this time around as Kumkani is living his best life with Tshidi in Paris,France.

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We all know Oby for practicing witchcraft using her special tea to drug people. She also uses hypnosis to control people so that she can get their livers to make her ancestors happy and gain more powers.

Oby used the same method on Kumkani and Siyanda Khoza who was trying to get a story from her. The person she was really after was Ayanda Majola but she got lucky when Tshidi helped her from getting killed by Oby. After many tries, Tshidi was also able to get Kumkani out of Oby’s spell and get him to help her and Ayanda to get rid of Oby.

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It looks like Oby is not one to give up as she comes back to do what she came to South Africa for and that is still to avenge Okiri’s death, her brother. She is still looking to get Ayanda for the death of her brother.

Oby will use the one closest to Ayanda to get what she really wants and that is none other than her daughter, Nonhle. We know know Nonhle as the most curious person on Generations: The Legacy and she never gives up until she gets what she is looking for. Oby is going to use that opportunity to get to her mother.

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