Ayanda Ncwane faces criticism after doing too much bleach

Ayanda Ncwane faces criticism after doing too much bleach

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Artist manager and reality star Ayanda Ncwane are understood to always look radiant in her designer dresses on the drama-infused reality show Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) but fans are convinced that she was never always light in complexion.

The businesswoman, who is that the widow of gospel musician Sfiso Ncwane, has had the spotlight shone on her on the Showmax reality television program for weeks on end. On the very first episode, she was introduced to the mother of her late husband’s daughter, Nonku Williams. From then on, viewers are glued to the show to seek out out how the 2 women would handle each hurdle that comes their way.

With more and more people finding interest in Ayanda Ncwane, some viewers have gone and dug up old pictures of the star. this is often once they noticed that she looked darker than what she seems like now, convincing them that she bleached her skin.

Take a glance at the ‘then and now pictures below.

The debate between Ayanda Ncwane and Nonku Williams’ fans was also on Facebook, where the same image was shared. Nonku’s fans mocked Ayanda’s complexion, with others saying that she indeed bleached her skin.

“I’ve been telling them that she was never born a yellow bone, but they keep denying it. They clearly don’t have Instagram,” one fan wrote.
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While Ayanda’s fans countered the argument by remarking that camera quality and living luxuriously is what has made her look lighter when infact she was always a yellow bone.

“Camera quality sisi. We’ve known her for an extended time and she or he has always been a yellow bone, but obviously now she is rich which will make anyone look a touch lighter. Can we please see Nonku’s picture from 2007,” another wrote.

The bickering between these two groups of fans has been happening since the very beginning of RHOD season 1. Recently, the show came to an end and through the reunion episode more drama ensued between Ayanda and Nonku’s family, The Williams.

The two-parts reunion, which was hosted by controversial TV and radio presenter Phat Joe, left fans livid after how The Williams treated Ayanda. Nonku’s mother made an appearance at the reunion and claimed she had a special message for Ayanda from Mr. Williams, Nonku’s father. She said Mr. Williams wants Ayanda to pay damages for Sfiso and Nonku’s daughter Nothile; adding that this was Sfiso’s wish before he passed on.
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This request didn’t sit well with Ayanda’s supporters who believe that she has been nothing but gracious to Nonku and her late husband’s daughter. Some viewers felt that The Williams could have discussed this matter with The Ncwanes privately and viewed this approach as disrespectful. Meanwhile, there have been those that saw nothing wrong with the request; explaining that Nothile is that the priority during this whole matter and she or he shouldn’t need to suffer simply because her father is late, as she must change her surname.