Ayanda Ncwane is ready to move on and have another child

Ayanda Ncwane is ready to move on and have another child

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On the newest episode of the $64000 Housewives of port, Ayanda Ncwane was confronted by her younger brother Phupho Gumede, on a couple of personal queries. like the sort of man she likes, the rumours regarding being pregnant and whether or not she’s going to be receptive a blind date?

Phupho, conjointly unconcealed his sister’s kind of man, speech she likes the ‘powerful type’, and says she doesn’t merit something less. He then asked her United Nations agency she would feel if he were to line her abreast of a blind date.

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The look on her face, at the start showed hesitation before she got over the shock of the thought.
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Including if he had a list, or social media platforms like Facebook, or Instagram.

Ayanda, conjointly mentioned the thought of her having another kid before she turns the age of forty, which means she solely has four years so far this man and have a baby, however that solely happen if she may be a relationship.

Phupho, then asked her regarding the rumors current that she is pregnant, that she denied. however says she up for a blind date if it’s Phupho, United Nations agency can set it up.

What square measure your thoughts on Ayanda Ncwane, finally moving on along with her life and making an attempt to starts new?

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