Ayanda Ncwane will be opening her own church soon

Ayanda Ncwane will be opening her own church soon

Ayanda Ncwane became a social media prophet following an incident she described as she returned from the dead, which she said it happened on the 19th of April. This celebrity who was married to gospel singer, the late Sfiso Ncwane, is the talk of the town these days following the spread of videos of her praying and even speaking in tongues, explaining what happened to her when she was facing death while lying in the hospital.

This has left various comments on social media, some showing sympathy for her and some others are mocking this. In one of her YouTube videos, Ayanda elaborates on what happened to her on the night 19th, when she revealed that she saw herself split in two, looking at her body lying in the hospital bed. She says that at that time, there was something big that pulled her out of her body, and then a voice came telling her to come back as she had not yet come to this world.

SHe surprised many when she revealed that she died and rose again because God gave her another chance to live. Ayanda continues that this has changed her a lot as she is determined to follow the order of the Word of God, to save and preach, and to testify about her. Ayanda’s first video came out last week, the second preaching came out this week. A source of Ilanga Newspaper who is close to this lady, revealed that Ayanda is in the process of opening her church. “Although there are plans to open her own church later, but for now she still wants to make a name for herself as a prophet on social media. “She is determined to start using her YouTube platform, preaching before she finds out the power and place where she will open the church,” explained the source.

The Sounrce continues that what happened to her has changed her a lot as she does things in a different way than before. “I don’t want to speak for her, but people will see that Ayanda has changed now. “Of course, there was a spark to open a church, but it was not possible because she was not sure how she would do it,” she said.

Ayanda is the manager of the company Ncwane Communications, which organizes events and produces the group Abathandwa. efforts to find Ayanda failed, her phone rang and went unanswered.

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