Anele Mdoda: Ayanda Thabethe cannot wait to meet the Prince


Ayanda Thabethe cannot wait to meet the Prince

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Anele Mdoda has taken it to social media to announce that she cannot wait to meet Ayanda’s baby. Anele attended her baby shower yesterday and they took many photos together . The baby shower was attended by Ayanda’s friends and family and it was very beautiful. Ayanda is one of the most beautiful and talenyed women on the South Africa television. This is one the best moments for her and she is going to be an amazing mother.

She is excited for her colleague who they work together at the Celebrity game night show. Anele is the host of the show and Ayanda is the co-host. Their show is loved around the country and it is very fun to watch. Even though it’s for celebrities, normal people also love to join and see what they can do better. Ayanda had proven many times in this show that she is one of the most intelligent celebrities, because she was gets her answers right. Her baby will be as smart as her mother. Her fans are very excited for because she is at the stage where she is now a young woman who is ready to take on the world.


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Ayanda is expecting a boy and her partner. She is very happy because having a baby is a real blessing and so far she is doing great. Ayanda is a woman with style and she is still doing it while pregnant. Since Ayanda is expecting a baby boy, on her baby shower they decorated with blue colors and trust me when I say that it looks real good. Many of her fans wanted her to have a baby girl but having a baby boy isn’t bad at all because she still gets it right and she is happy.

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