Ayanda Thabethe reveals her biggest fears in life

Ayanda Thabethe reveals her biggest fears in life

Television presenter Ayanda Thabethe recently revealed why she fears getting into a relationship again and her reasons are valid. Afraid of settling down, Thabethe revealed that she fears making the same mistake again. of choosing the wrong partner.

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The stunner is one of South Africa’s most talented and leading females in the entertainment industry who keep on raising the bar high in their illustrious Although Ayanda has achieved what many could only dream of in a lifetime, Ayanda has had a fair share of a dramatic divorce.

The TV star was previously married to TV hunk Andile Ncube, however, their marriage ended. The two kept the reason behind their breakup private but in an interview on Fresh Breakfast, Ayanda said it was an amicable breakup, “I think that it is growth. It’s understanding that it’s okay when things don’t work out. And it’s also spilling yourself and everything that you have into something. And when it doesn’t work because you’ve given everything that you had, you don’t have any regrets about it. You don’t have any “what if’s” or whatever. So when you move on, it’s completely over and you wish the other person the best,” she explained.

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The Twitter user alleged that Ayanda caught Andile in bed with another man and that’s the reason they called it quits. Ayanda however refuted the claims and decided to set the record straight on Twitter. “At times the truth is neither sexy nor juicy which is why people refuse to hear it. I repeat, NO SUCH THING HAS EVER OCCURRED in my life as has been spoken about.,” she tweeted.
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“This is not in defense or the protection of a particular person but to outlay the truth of my own story.”
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On Andile’s sexuality, she remained mum and asked why people are so invested in other people’s sexualities, “I don’t get why anyone’s sexuality should still be making news if we regard ourselves as a society that is accepting of people’s sexuality and their right to convey those choices publicly or not… I find it hypocritical,” she tweeted.