Ayanda Thabethe talking about Lori Harvey and her choices

Ayanda Thabethe talking about Lori Harvey and her choices

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If there’s one thing women needed 2020 to require and never return, it’s the labels men attach to women who don’t suffer from “abantu bazothini syndrome”, and media personality Ayanda Thabethe made it clear people should stop being pressed by Lori Harvey’s choices.

US comedian Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter topped the Twitter trends list and most international entertainment blogs when she and US actor Michael B Jordan declared their relationship official with steamy, loved up pictures.

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Dubbed the envy of girls worldwide, Lori has become popular for her history of dating men within the limelight. Her list of hunks includes R &B singer Trey Songz, businessman Sean “Diddy” Combs’s son Justin, then Diddy himself in 2018. After the mogul, she dated hip-hop rapper Future for a quick moment in 2019 before moving on to People’s “Sexiest Man Alive”, which left some people on Twitter labeling her with nasty names, while others praised her.

Joining the people that told Lori’s haters to go away her be, Ayanda weighed in on Lori’s dating life and life choices. She said she didn’t understand why people are all hot and bothered about who the girl chooses so far or for a way long.

“Dating may be a process of collecting data to form the choice of whether you’re compatible with someone. If you discover after a period that resonates with you that somebody isn’t for you then you allow -or stay.”

YouTube vlogger and influencer Mihlali Ndamase, who has spoken out about the character of dating before, echoed Ayanda’s sentiments.

She said she didn’t understand why it seemed some people only had a problem when the “serial dater” was a lady.

“They only have a problem when a lady does this,” she said.

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The YouTube star left the streets in meltdown mode early last year when she weighed in on a debate about schoolgirls dating much older men and said she didn’t regret doing so.

The star weighed in on the conversation after a user asked women who had dated men in their 20s or 30s while they were still in their early teens if they ever looked back now and thought it had been tousled .

In a screenshot of a tweet that circulated, the star responded by saying she saw nothing wrong with it and had “zero regrets”.

“Didn’t see anything wrong with it then and that i still don’t. Zero regrets.”

Mihlali was soon the talk about social media and later deleted her post.