Ayanda Thabethe to Fikile Mbalula: you found the need to personally attack me when speaking on a political issue

Ayanda Thabethe to Fikile Mbalula: you found the need to personally attack me when speaking on a political issue

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The shutdown also revealed something else, and that is how much the ruling party is out of touch with the status quo of the “average” South African. This is as instead of addressing the issues brought up, it seems that the ruling party was more concerned with public displays of authority. Whether it was the alleged drama surrounding the EFF versus Nhlanhla Lux or the ANC’s Secretary General Fikile Mbalula and his feud with media personality Ayanda Thabethe.

It all started when Fikile Mbalula took to the timeline to gloat about the EFF’s shutdown allegedly being a “flop.” Ayanda took to the comments section and highlighted that the biggest flop is the ruling party’s failure to meet the basic service delivery needs of the general populace.
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ZAlebs addressing politicians on social media is nothing new, ask Nathi Mthethwa about Bonang. But it is rare for a politician to address the ZAlebs back. Moreover, it is a bigger surprise, when said politician gets into the mud and claps back at a ZAlebs using their latest unflattering headline to clap back.

This is as Mbalula addressed Ayanda by asking if she had seen that her baby daddy and boyfriend Peter Matsimbe had returned what he is alleged to have taken.

For context, Ayanda recently made headlines when her baby daddy came into disrepute. This is after it was alleged that Peter had admitted to an R22 million corruption scandal involving ten luxury cars which he was ordered to return to face the possibility of imprisonment.

As such, tweeps thought that in light of the current scandal that she might be facing through her relationship with Peter, that Ayanda would have chosen to take a break from social media. However, Ayanda made it clear that she is no stranger to making headlines and she will not cower away from matters that involve her indirectly.

However, Ayanda in the end would be the one to have the last laugh in terms of her twar with Fikile Mbalula. This is as Fikile was also “fighting” with the EFF’s Mbuyiseni Ndlozi on Twitter. However, Ndlozi dragged Mbalula for filth on the timeline by alleging that he was a known drinker who prefers to hang out at pubs meant to cater predominantly to a young demographic.
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Mbalula was offended, suggesting that Ndlozi was personally attacking him instead of focusing on their differing political stances. A stance which he was reminded rang as ironic considering that just minutes before his own outrage directed at Ndlozi, he had done the exact same thing to Ayanda.

As such, Ayanda also took Mbalula to take by suggesting that he picked on her because she was a woman. But when having to confront a man like himself he runs scared and backpaddles forgetting the initial bravado he had.