Azwindini refuses to date Boipelo Mabe

Azwindini refuses to date Boipelo Mabe

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Azwindini laments for permitting Boipelo in his life, on the grounds that right now he has stroke and Boipelo is continued on with her own personal business, yet she misled Azwindini in light of the fact that she revealed to him that she is occupied with taking care of her work, Suzan appreciate in light of the fact that she is the person who showed Azwindini Boipelo’s image with another man, Azwindini stressed a lot of on the grounds that he was anticipating make Boipelo her better half.

Everyone attempted to caution Azwindini about Boipelo yet he didn’t listen,he likewise went to conventional healer just to attempt to fulfill her, sadly he ate more and it cost his stroke, Mulimisi is the main individual knows why Azwindini is in the current circumstance, however they would prefer not to uncover mystery to anybody.

Azwindini should comprehend that Boipelo is a gold digger since she couldn’t there for him, recall that she guaranteed Azwindini that she will be there for him anytime,so now she has left Because Azwindini is in the wiped out bed.

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