Babes Wodumo And Makhadzi is a big scandal and a bigger drama

Babes Wodumo And Makhadzi is a big scandal and a bigger drama

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In a viral video, Babes Wodumo threatens to beat up Makhadzi for stealing her lover, Mampintsha, due of their feud. If she believes that being a venda is what makes her unique, she even threatens to murder her in a video she made. After Makhadzi and Mampintsha arranged a meeting at Mampintsha’s studio to discuss the possibility of releasing a song together, this incident occurred.

Makhadzi Talks About Her Sleep With Mampintsha

Makhadzi’s public relationships and seeming devotion to her present boyfriend have prompted many to wonder if her charges are accurate. As a result of all of this, Makhadzi decided to go on the offensive on social media and provide her side of the story. An explanation of her side of the story was recorded in a video.

When Babes Wodumo accused her of being drunk in the first video, she stated that she did not want to answer because it was clear that she was intoxicated. That wasn’t the last straw for her, however. In her interview, Mampintsha claimed that she went to her studio to record a song with her because they were intending to do so. Mampintsha started flirting with her while she was there, and chicks wodumo was around. As babes wodumo, they fought one another. While he was making a scene, he was cursing at Mampintsha for giving Makhadzi naughty glances and calling her names. In Makhadzi’s words, the manner they were fighting was even traumatizing her, and there was nothing she could do about it.

Babes Wodumo Accuses Makhadzi Of Sleeping With Her Husband Mampintsha.

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Makhadzi admitted that Mmapintsha’s gaze was inappropriate. Mampintsha, she said, “loves ladies,” so babes, wodumo must deal with her guy and stop accusing others of taking his man. Mampintsha, according to Makhadzi, followed her around the studio. And she tells Babes Wodumo to deal with her marital problems, saying that she isn’t interested in Mampintsha at this time. See the video I’ve provided for you below.

be aware that Makhadzi’s tone of the English language is limited. In an attempt to accommodate as many people as possible, she spoke in a blend of American and British English. After the video was shared on Twitter, however, many began laughing so hard they were in tears at her poor command of the English language. Even if her English wasn’t flawless, it was easy to understand what she was trying to convey. The following are some examples of Twitter users mocking Makhadzi for his poor command of the English language:

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