Babes Wodumo kisses her best friend


Babes Wodumo kisses her best friend

Babes Wodumo has recently just reconciled with her husband’s mother after so many years of fighting back and forth. Mampintsha’s mother had always disrespected Babes and made it clear that she wanted nothing to do with her being her daughter-in-law. The couple made things worse when they got married without letting Mampintsha’s mother be aware of what they were planning. This caused chaos where the mother even said she didn’t have a child anymore. Now, Babes was head over hills after Mampintsha’s mother came to her senses and they decided to leave the past in the past.

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Few hours after their reconciliation, Babes Wodumo was seen kissing another guy whom it is said is just her made a best friend. Mzansi was however not convinced as they believe Babes doesn’t respect her husband as well as her marriage. According to the reports, the two of them are been friends forever, Mampintsha apparently knows about their friendship and doesn’t have a problem at all. Many people tagged him saying that he should come to explain this himself as they know how he gets up to when he is angry.

There are others who are concern about Babes Wodumo’s life . People know how abusive Mampintsha is . His record speaks for itself and even after they ended up marrying each other , people still believe that Mampintsha will never change . He will forever abuse Babes Wodumo for as long as they are together . At this point we aware all waiting to hear the confirmation of how Mampintsha will react to this . Either way, Mzansi is behind Babes Wodumo as she is a woman .


I think Babes Wodumo always do things without thinking of which always causes problems in her marriage. Things like this as a public figure are suppose to be hidden as it create a very confusing picture about her relationship with her husband. Respect is obviously lacking in their relationship and if that’s what everyone can see, imagine what more she is going to do in public to embarrass her husband as well as her marriage.

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